Keeping Intellectual Curiosity Acute, is the Secret of Agile Life..!!!

  • Blog 8: “Dear Zindagi” and mutual induction

    January 23, 2020 by

    The character of Shahrukh Khan in this movie changes, due to his own therapy and its effect on his patient, Alia..! The only condition is that the acquaintance has to be friendlier and there has to be a connection between two personalities, to make this magic work. This can happen between two close friends, or between two people who are able to connect to each other, at an intellectual level, very well. Just as the induced current in a conductor changes the original character of the coil..!

  • Blog 7: Grain Boundaries and State Boundaries: An operational simile!

    December 29, 2019 by

    Every country is like a polycrystalline material, I thought..
    Every state is like a grain, comprising of people of similar types (like atoms in a grain).
    A material can be made to work in its best performance mode by handling the grain boundaries properly and ensuring that these boundaries are minimal. Same way, a country can run with best economy of the inter-state politics is kept minimal and people think alike..!!

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